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Chompoo is a character that is very similar to other muay thai characters from other games such as Joe Higashi from KOF and Adon from Street Fighter. She has decent damage, although her combos are a little more limited compared to other characters. Her stats are balanced and her playstyle should be familiar to people who played the characters mentioned above. Her ideal magic power is Healing, but Damage is also a good option for aggressive playstyle


Chompoo's mother died giving birth to her, and her father was bitterly disappointed to be left with a daughter instead of the son he longed for. He raised the girl out of duty, but he never let her forget that she was not a boy. In an attempt to please her father, Chompoo began studying kickboxing. Her intensity and barely controlled rage make her a frightening opponent.

Chompoo Idle Pose

Chompoo's Idle Fighting Stance Animation.

In a desperate attempt to win her father's approval, Chompoo fights against any opponent willing to face her. She hopes that victory will bring some warmth to her cold father's eyes.