Zumbi Azul
Zumbi Azul

First Game

Capoeira Fighter 3


Human (under the effects of macumba)


José Araújo Mendes Neto


Manaus, Brazil

Fighting Style

Capoeira (under the power-ups of the macumba)

Mestre Zumbi has sought revenge against Mestre Loka 

since their Mestre, Katigura, overlooked Zumbi and chose  Loka to succeed him. Zumbi is constantly looking for ways  to usurp and humiliate Loka. In recent years, he has  gained several followers, including Primo, Loka's former  prize student. After learning of Loka's plan to take his students on a world  tour, Zumbi has been making some plans of his own. He  has begun studying macumba, a form of black magic, in  the hope of increasing his power.

Sprites Edit

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